Bottled Water Coolers

Our Bottled Water Dispensers

While the units we produce are of the highest quality, the components that make up our bottled water dispensers, such as the pump, are also made to last many years.

Additionally, our bottled water dispensers can be used with any standard size water bottle (15-litre bottles), and our team can easily fit them with filtration systems at your request. We also offer various options for water dispensers, including either hot/cold water or room temperature/cold water.

All of our units come with the following:

– A stainless steel water reservoir
– Two tap options
– A child-resistant handle on hot water taps
– A spike to pierce the cap of the water dispenser’s bottle

Additionally, every refrigeration system we offer comes with a three-year warranty, while the hot water systems we provide have a one-year warranty.

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