Water Softeners

What does a water softener do?
Much of the water you use contains traces of calcium, iron and magnesium. Water with relatively high levels of these metals is known as ‘hard water’.

Though you may have never heard of hard water, you would have noticed its effects in your home or business. The scale and discolouration that can build up in bathrooms, around plumbing fixtures and fittings, and inside water-using appliances is usually the result of the impurities in hard water.

Water softeners work by removing the calcium, iron and magnesium, via ion exchange, making hard water, soft. This has numerous benefits that will be felt right throughout your home.

By reducing scale build-up, water softeners lessen damage to fittings, fixtures and appliances. This improves their durability and longevity, and in the case of appliances, improves their efficiency. In the long run, this saves you time and money.

Softened water also results in cleaner dishes; as well as allowing you to use less detergent when washing, by removing the impurities, water softeners result in spot-free dishes.

There are also numerous personal benefits associated with using water softeners. Softened water is easier to lather, meaning you can use less soap, shampoo and other products. And with fewer impurities in the water, it’s also gentler on your skin. This is particularly good for people with sensitive skin, such as those who suffer from eczema.

Automated to your needs
Whether you’re looking for a commercial water softener or a domestic water softener, we have both automatic and semi-automatic options available. Semi-automatic domestic softeners do not require an external power source – you simply need to turn a timer periodically. All automatic water softeners have an external power source and control themselves via a microprocessor, which offers better regeneration control and water savings.

With 5-year warranties on automatic softeners and two-year warranties on semi-automatic softeners we back up what we build for your peace of mind.

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