test 1West Coast Water Filter ManYou either use a Water Filter or your Body is One!
test 1West Coast Water Filter ManYou either use a Water Filter or your Body is One!

Why servicing is important.

Water filters need to be changed on a regular basis.

Clean drinking water, we all want it, but we don’t always take the steps necessary to get it. Most municipal water sources do an acceptable job bringing untreated water up to an established code, but there are still contaminants, which can survive the treatment center process and the long passage to our taps. People who seek cleaner, purer water for home and office often have their own filters installed to trap those contaminants before they reach the faucet or watercooler. All of these water purifiers have one thing in common: a filter, which must be replaced on a regular basis.

While it’s important to know how to change a water filter, it’s just as important to know when to change it. Changing a water filter too early can become expensive over time, but waiting too late can lead to health problems and overall water quality issues as contaminants may leach out. Failure to maintain an existing drinking water filtration system in a safe manner may result in a breach of Occupational health and safety regulations.

Occupational health and safety regulations.3.16. Water
(1) A person who, at a workplace, is an employer or the main contractor must ensure that a supply of clean, cool, drinkingwater is provided for, and is readily accessible to, persons working at the workplace, and that the outlet is in a place —(a) where the water supply is unlikely to be contaminated; and (b) other than a place in which a toilet is located.

Filter manufacturers often suggest a specific timetable for changing out their products, but this schedule may be based on ideal conditions not present in your home/office. Some municipal water sources are naturally cleaner than others, so the same filtering system may perform differently depending on location and overall water quality.

We have found that the water supply quality in Perth will meet the manufacturers suggested timetable for changing out their products of high quality filters, at around 12 month’s residentially and 6 month’s commercially, where as the inexpensive filters may only last half that time, this time table is also determined by the volume of water passing through the filter, as in a business facility where there are a number of staff and/or customers having access to the filtered water. If the flow from a filtered system is noticeably slower, then it just may be time to change that filter.

[Regulation 3.16 amended in Gazette 14 Dec 2004 p. 6012.] As at 08 Jan 2011 Version 08-c0-00

Extract from www.slp.wa.gov.au, see that website for further information


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