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You either use a water filter or your body is one

June 2022


A word from Richard

Hello everyone

And so, Winter is upon us. Oh, snuggling up in a warm bed is so nice on these cold nights. A hot shower in the morning to start the day. Simple pleasures.

I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic long weekend. I had the most amazing weekend with great company, awesome food and beverages to enjoy a bonfire kind of burn off weekend. The fire stacks are still glowing red hot in the middle. Yep, we made two stacks. Well one was burning out a huge tree stump for fun. Fire is so relaxing to watch.

We raked up sticks and leaves to get the fires restoked each day and that’s about all we did. Many moments of appreciation to be had.

Well, my son Sydney is on the move again down in Bunbury after being poached to another company in his dream job back in building. Stay tuned. I better not let too much out too soon as he’s waiting on the physical Contract to land on his desk before he can happily hand in his notice at current position. So young and forging and amazing pathway on his own. I help where I can of course, but he sure does make me proud.

My young Vet Nurse daughter Leah is loving life too. Off 4-wheel driving all over the WA countryside with her partner and friends seeing and doing amazing things. I travelled all around Australia with mates at age 24/25 so I’m so glad to see my kids off out exploring life instead of being couch potatoes.

Ouch, did that RBA rate rise hurt? I hope not and that you budgeted for unexpected things. The Reserve Bank of Australia has lifted the cash rate by 50 basis points and that’s the largest single increase in more than 20 years. How about that? The developers buying my property have just extended their due diligence period a further 3 months. That’s fine by me. I fixed my interest rates in before the rises and get to enjoy this beautiful property for longer still. It’s going to be a lovely Christmas.

Don’t forget to keep hydrated even on these cooler days. Your body operates better when properly hydrated and can heal all.

Remember, You either use a water filter or your body is one. Take care until next time. Cheers Cheers.

Richard Scholes
West Coast Water Filter Man

The way of water: Making advanced electronics with H2O

Water is the secret ingredient in a simple way to create key components for solar cells, X-ray detectors and other optoelectronics devices.

The next generation of photovoltaics, semiconductors and LEDs could be made using perovskites -- an exciting and versatile nanomaterial with a crystal structure.

Perovskites have already shown similar efficiency to silicon, are cheaper to make, and feature a tuneable bandgap, meaning the energy they are able to absorb, reflect or conduct can be changed to suit different purposes.

Ordinarily, water is kept as far away as possible during the process of creating perovskites. The presence of moisture can lead to defects in the materials, causing them to fall apart more quickly when they're being used in a device.

That's why perovskites for scientific research are often made via spin coating in the sealed environment of a nitrogen glove box.

Now, though, members of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science have found a simple way to control the growth of phase-pure perovskite crystals by harnessing water as a positive factor. This liquid-based mechanism works at room temperature, so the approach remains cost effective.

This article can be found at Science Daily.

Water facts

Always Look for the WaterMark.

WaterMark is a mandatory national product certification scheme for specified plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and safe for use. Products covered by WaterMark are first evaluated and certified against product specifications, and then listed on the WaterMark product database.

This scheme is managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board on behalf of the state and territory plumbing regulators, helping consumers and plumbers find authorised products.

Health tip

Staying healthy in winter

Winter is often a welcome change in Western Australia after our long, hot summers. While we live in a temperate climate, winter in most parts means significant drops in temperatures, greater rainfall and storms. Several health conditions are specifically associated with the climatic conditions during our coldest season.

· Staying active, keeping warm and eating nutritious food will boost your immunity.

· Children are more susceptible to asthma attacks during winter.

· If you have a respiratory condition, you have a higher risk of developing health complications.

· Remember to drink plenty of filtered water.

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Beaumaris Physiotherapy

I found Richard and his team extremely professional to work with.

Communication is very important to me and I found this aspect of the service to be exemplary. All calls and emails were answered quickly and I was kept in the loop every step of the way from unit delivery and installation.

The installation happened very quickly which was perfect for us and the installers professional and very neat in their work.

Also its great to support a fellow WA company. I would highly recommend.

Blake B. Sc (Physio)

A closing thought


“Today's good deed may come back to you in some way tomorrow.”

Mike White
Access1 CCP Beaumaris Ecomist