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You either use a water filter or your body is one

April 2022


A word from Richard

Hello everyone

April Fool’s Day came and went!!! Nothing to see here, look over there. Just more crazy world. Yep, ‘Clean air is the new clean water’

This weather is pretty crazy! You’d think the weather bureau would have a better chance of just looking out the window to give us a report instead of guessing incorrectly all the time. I’m loving the cooler weather all the same and looking forward to some rain. Some rain will be nice on my gardens. With all the mulch, compost and new seedlings put in, that would just make it boom. The garlics are popping their heads up. Yum fresh produce.

I’ve been an empty nester now for two months and loving it. Hard to believe it’s gone so fast, and my son is doing great in adulthood life achieving his goals.

If you’re in Bunbury or surrounds and looking to rent or sell your property, please do look up my son Sydney at Century 21. He’d love to help you.

If you have a pet that needs a Vet, you can take it to Hilltop Vet Kalamunda for Leah and Faye to look after. Leah’s loving Vet life.

Times sure do fly. Yippee less than two months left for Due Diligence by the developer on my property and then Pay Day. I’m having to start thinking about where I want to live and move my business to next but no stress yet as I get to stay here Rent Fee until one month before the bulldozers come along, so I’ll be enjoying that time mortgage free to save for the big move. Decisions… Decisions…

Well let’s see what next month brings, but remember, You either use a water filter or your body is one. Cheers Cheers.

Richard Scholes
West Coast Water Filter Man

New form of ice discovered

Findings could have implications for our understanding of distant, water-rich planets

Solid water, or ice, is like many other materials in that it can form different solid materials based on variable temperature and pressure conditions, like carbon forming diamond or graphite. However, water is exceptional in this aspect as there are at least 20 solid forms of ice known to us.

A team of scientists working in UNLV's Nevada Extreme Conditions Lab pioneered a new method for measuring the properties of water under high pressure. The water sample was first squeezed between the tips of two opposite-facing diamonds -- freezing into several jumbled ice crystals. The ice was then subjected to a laser-heating technique that temporarily melted it before it quickly re-formed into a powder-like collection of tiny crystals.

By incrementally raising the pressure, and periodically blasting it with the laser beam, the team observed the water ice make the transition from a known cubic phase, Ice-VII, to the newly discovered intermediate, and tetragonal, phase, Ice-VIII, before settling into another known phase, Ice-X.

Zach Grande, a UNLV Ph.D. student, led the work which also demonstrated that the transition to Ice-X, when water stiffens aggressively, occurs at much lower pressures than previously thought.

This article can be found at Science Daily.

Water facts

Australia is the driest populated continent on Earth.

Yet Australia uses more water per person than most other countries in the world. Much can be done in the home and garden to reduce water use and the impacts of stormwater and wastewater on surrounding ecosystems.

Health tip

4 Tips You Need to Know About Autumn Health

Boost your immunity - Before the cold and flu season hits, take the time to bolster your immune system. Book an appointment with a dietician or nutritionist, to ensure your diet is loaded with enough fruits, vegetables, and other essential nutrients. A health professional can also pinpoint any deficiencies, and advise you on supplements to get your body running at its best. Natural immunity boosters include fresh foods that reflect the season’s colours. For instance, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin are packed with beta-carotine – a sign of antioxidants essential for good health. White produce is also a winner for boosting your immunity. Choose onions, pears, root veggies, garlic, tofu, cauliflower, and white beans.

Keep moving - It’s tempting to skip your usual outdoor activities and curl up on the couch. But autumn can still be a lovely time to get out and about. Feeling the cold? Try a gentle yoga or pilates class, swimming, a gym class, or even a dance class – to get warmed up and stay healthy. Sticking to a regular routine now makes it be easier to stay active during winter, too.

Focus on self-care - Summer is often a time to socialise ‘til the sun goes down. But as the season shifts, we all tend to huddle at home. Plus, the shorter days and colder nights make it tempting to stay in. So take this time to look after yourself. Learn a new hobby, cook up some healthy heart-warming meals, finally dig into the stack of books on the nightstand, or just spend some time resting and reflecting. Or take a trip to a day spa, or massage therapist for the ultimate relaxation.

Be sun smart - The sun might be hiding, but we all know cloudy days can damage our skin. So remember to keep slipping, slopping, and slapping (and wrapping the sunnies around your noggin) to prevent premature ageing, skin cancer, and other damage.

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Thanks Richard, For a great job from Troy installing my purifier in my new kitchen & the shower filter, too.

I'm hugely enjoying the stunning drinking water from the tap & everyone who tries it agrees it's the best! The gas free shower is wonderfully healthy - why isn't it standard for all homes ??? One day.....

Anni Macbeth

A closing thought

Look within.

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Glinda - Wizard of Oz
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