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You either use a water filter or your body is one

August 2018


A word from Richard

Hello everyone.

Crickey hasn’t it been very cold lately. Looking forward to getting a Spring in my step again. Come on Summer.

I donate blood plasma on a regular basis and it comes around pretty quickly each fornight too. I do enjoy the good deed to society and knowing that each donation goes towards saving 3 lives is very pleasing. It is interesting to note each time I donate how quick it takes as it directly corrolates to how well I am hydrated each time. Yep it extracts the plasma faster when I am well hydrated. Last donation I did it in 36 minutes which is my fastest yet. Interesting stuff hey.

Crickey my daughter Leah will be 16 years old this month and boy oh boy is she growing up fast. She makes me ever so proud of her achievements in life. This year I could not think of a mundane gift to buy her so instaed we’re going away for a few days to do cool stuff together as a gift. A gift of experiences with Dad I’m calling it and she is very excited about it. We’re going down south and that’s all I can say for now.

How’s business going for you out there? Still seems a very slow economy to me. The Royal Commission on the Banks has been for good reason but sure as hell makes you jump through hoops to get a loan these days. Anyone trying to get a loan finding it hard as hell and going through the ringers of details required to support the lending capacity? Wow what a nightmare, but for good reason as I say.

Um so what else is happening this month? Hope it is a good month for you and remember; You either use a water filter or your body is one!

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man

Nature holds key to nurturing green water treatment facilities

The quest to develop greener and more affordable methods to treat wastewater has taken a new, innovative twist.

A team of international scientists, led by water engineering experts from the University of Exeter, has pioneered an innovative new method to incorporate ecological processes to allow 'green' water treatment facilities.

The ground-breaking technique centres around creating a distinctive water system that uses both artificial and natural systems, incorporated within the treatment pipeline, to transform potentially harmful elements such as carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater into renewable energy and materials.

The system, called REPURE, has the great potential to revolutionise wastewater systems used for agriculture and energy production worldwide in a sustainable manner, the researchers say. The study is published in the journal Science Advances on 1st August 2018.

Professor Xu Wang, co-author of the paper and part of Exeter's Centre for Water Systems said: "Existing design schemes for wastewater systems focus merely on the technologies. If the system design could benefit from the abilities of nature, it could ensure infrastructure development within ecological constraints and could maximise other benefits.

This article can be found at ScienceDaily

Water facts

Massive lake discovered on Mars.

A MASSIVE underground lake has been detected for the first time on Mars, raising the possibility that more water — and maybe even life — exists there, international astronomers said on Wednesday. Located under a layer of Martian ice, the lake is about 20 kilometres wide, said the report led by Italian researchers in the US journal Science.

It is the largest body of liquid water ever found on the Red Planet. “This is a stunning result that suggests water on Mars is not a temporary trickle like previous discoveries but a persistent body of water that provides the conditions for life for extended periods of time,” said Alan Duffy, an associate professor at Swinburne University in Melbourne, who was not involved in the study.

Mars is now cold, barren and dry but used to be warm and wet. It was home to plenty of liquid water and lakes at least 3.6 billion years ago.

Health Tip

8 Key Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach.

6. Promotes Shiny, Smooth, and Healthy Hair.

Dehydration can have a serious impact on your hair growth. Drinking plenty of water nourishes your hair from the inside out.

Water makes up almost 1/4 of the weight of a hair strand. An insufficient intake of water can cause brittle hair and thin hair strands.

You should drink more water every day, but drinking water on an empty stomach can improve the quality of your hair to a greater extent.

Next Issue :- 7. Prevents Kidney Stones and Bladder Infections.

Community support

The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal

The Bikers Charity Ride are " doing it for the kids" in the annual Perth Teddy bears' big day out; which raises funds for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal. Richard loves this yearly ride on his Harley laden with teddy bears. www.salivation.org.au

SIDS and Kids

SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community. www.sidsandkids.org

Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a not for profit community services agency. They provide 57 services from 35 locations across the state. The West Coast Water Filter Man is proud to help and sponsor the Anglicare Knit in Day. www.anglicarewa.org.au


The West Coast Water Filter Man helps the people that helps the community. www.lifelinewa.org.au

Community First - Meals on Wheels

We provide support so you can Live Life Better. Once you choose Community First as your support partner you become part of us, part of our community and we put you first. http://www.cfi.net.au/

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Customer testimonial

True Blue Containers

We asked Richard for a solution to our water needs for our place of business in Midvale after meeting Richard at The Chamber of Commerce.

Richard provided all the advice we needed to make an informed decision.

We now have the best water in Midvale.

Great Service, great product and highly recommended.

Dion Clifford (GM)

A closing thought

Out of the mouths of babes "LOVE"

"You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it , you should say it a lot. People forget."

Jessica - age 8

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