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You either use a water filter or your body is one

August 2015


A word from Richard

Hello everyone.

Oh wow there are only 143 more sleeps to the big day (but I'm not counting -- I'm just a grumpy elf!) It ALWAYS seems like there are a lot of days to Christmas! Well, there are 143 days to be exact or 12,329,333 seconds!

Speaking of counting down the days, I have 10 weeks until my 50th Birthday and being inspired by Larry Emdur from The Morning Show and Men’s Health I am right on target to beat Larry’s effort. What really accelerated some recent fat loss was doing ‘Dry July’. Crickey I dropped 2kg per week. That’s awesome. Stay tuned.

We have just had a new van wrapped with new but similar graphics so keep an eye out for it. I think it looks just sensational and a real eye catcher. This van is to be driven by our senior service technician Derek Thorp and he loves it. Makes him happy and proud to be in it and delivering his good old fashioned service that you are all accustomed to.

2015 World Water Week in Stockholm August 23 – 28 - Experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from a range of sectors and countries come to Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today. We believe water is key to our future prosperity, and that together, we can achieve a water wise world.

28th of August is Daffodil Day - This Daffodil Day, every daffodil, every donation, goes towards helping those who are affected by cancer.

Well I hope you enjoy this months newsletter and my Press Release. Very interesting times ahead.

Keep hydrated and don’t forget; You either use a water filter or your body is one!

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man

Press Release

Perth/High Wycombe Water Filtration Business Takes on Big Boys in David and Goliath Battle

A WA/High Wycombe business is taking on the big guns in the lucrative global water filtration industry by becoming one of the last remaining locally owned and operated companies of its kind in Perth. Owner of West Coast Water Filter Man Richard Scholes said foreign investors were buying out all the water filtration companies across Australia and the world - and Perth was now firmly in its sights. “International investment company Poseidon Bidco Limited seem to be on a worldwide domination path by using the mother company name of Waterlogic,” Mr Scholes said.

“They’ve acquired several businesses that I know of in Australia in the last 12 months,” he said. “In recent months they’ve taken over Perth company Cool Clear Water, H2Only, Billabong and Unlimited Water. The issue is that most people don’t realise this is happening and think when they get quotes for a water filter from different companies, that they are different companies. It’s more likely they’re the same company, just operating under different names.”

“You’ve got to wonder why they would do that – my guess is to confuse consumers so no one really understands who they’re buying from. I’ve been watching this development over the last few years globally. I’m now the only trader left in Perth who hasn’t been bought out by them. I do feel like it’s a bit of a David and Goliath situation.”

Mr Scholes said consumers were the biggest losers in the domination of a market by one player.

• Higher prices: Once one company dominates a market they can easily increase prices because there is no competition.

• No choice: Even though there are many brand names of water filter machines, they are predominantly owned by one global company.

• Lack of service: Friendly good old fashioned service is lost. You become a number in a system to appease shareholders.

• Flood of cheaper products. Bigger companies are most concerned with cost cutting and so this ends up meaning cheaper products on the market.

“We recently had a customer who bought a cheap product online thinking she bought well; But this system had a fault causing a leak that in turn flooded her cupboards. She was then left with no after sales service or local support. The only option we could offer was to remove the system and install a good quality one, the same day, leaving her very happy for the experience.”

Water facts

Our scheme water supply.

Perth receives some of its water from a series of reservoirs (Dams), about 18%. Average inflows to Perth’s metropolitan dams have dropped to less than 90 gigalitres a year compared with 340 gigalitres in 1975. Currently our Dams are at 27.6% full.

In 2006, Perth became the first Australian city to operate a reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant, the Kwinana Desalination Plant, which currently supplies 39% of the city's drinking water supply. To mitigate the drought, a second seawater desalination plant was built in Binningup near Bunbury. The plant was officially opened in September 2011 at reduced output, and was completed and operating at full capacity in January 2013.

Ground water (Aquifer systems) supplies 43% of Perth's water. This comes mostly from the Gnangara groundwater system with some added from the Jandakot groundwater system.

Health Tip

Alkaline water

"If someone was to ask me what is the one thing I can do to have better health, the answer would be very simply; start drinking alkaline water. Even if you are eating acidic foods, the most important thing is to start putting in those electron rich fluids so that you neutralize the acids from the foods that you are eating and help to maintain that alkaline design"

What is Alkaline water? :- Alkaline means that the given solution (in this case water) has a pH of 7.1 or more.

What's the benefits of drinking Alkaline water? :- Drinking water that is alkaline will help neutralize acid in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels as well as increased energy and metabolism.

Why is this good for your body to be Alkaline? :- If your body is in a very acidic state, it will seek balance, and may do so by drawing nutrients from the bones. When the body is in an alkaline state, you will be less prone to cellular damage and disease. - See more at: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition

What does it mean for your body to be alkaline? :- It means that the pH of your body is in a more alkaline rather than acidic state. The body is always trying to maintain equilibrium at a pH of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline.

What kinds of foods can you eat to help restore balance? :- Green juice, leafy greens, cucumber, lemons, melons, and chia seeds are some of the more alkaline-producing foods.

What kinds of foods should you avoid? Processed sugar, dairy, conventional meat, and coffee are some of the most acid-producing foods.

Warm lemon water each day is one good source to achieve this. At West Coast Water Filter Man we also have Alkaline filters to achieve Alkaline water.

Community support

The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal

The Bikers Charity Ride are " doing it for the kids" in the annual Perth Teddy bears' big day out; which raises funds for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal. Richard loves this yearly ride on his Harley laden with teddy bears. www.salivation.org.au

SIDS and Kids

SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community. www.sidsandkids.org

Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a not for profit community services agency. They provide 57 services from 35 locations across the state. The West Coast Water Filter Man is proud to help and sponsor the Anglicare Knit in Day. www.anglicarewa.org.au


The West Coast Water Filter Man helps the people that helps the community. www.lifelinewa.org.au

Richard's networking groups

Customer testimonial

Purslowe Funerals

Richard, just a short note to thank you and to let you know the service we received from Daniel, your service technician was outstanding.

He identified the business surroundings in which he was working in by showing care and respect and ensuring not to interrupt what was going on around him.

It is a pleasure to continue working along with local business’s such as yourselves.

Kind Regards,

Julie Moll - Location Manager

A closing thought

The Power of Positive Thinking

"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."


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