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You either use a water filter or your body is one

March 2015


A word from Richard

Hello everyone.

Crickey we’re into March already. Did I hear someone say Easter?

It sure has been a very busy start to the new year and we have our new staff member Daniel trained up and getting out there amongst the data base and it’s giving him a few challenges. He’s doing really well and we look forward to him growing in our business.

Life on the land is always busy. We recently had 4 ewe’s give birth to 6 lambs. Yep, that’s 2 sets of twins. Oh boy, they are so funny to watch play. I’m sure they forget they’re even lambs at times.

Last Friday night I was again honoured to be awarded as one of the Nifnex Top 100 Most Influential in the small business community. A magnificent evening was had by all. It’s always good fun to rub shoulders with other like-minded positive people.


Well I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and did just what you wanted to. So here’s Cheers to a short week as well. See you soon and don’t forget: and remember, If You’re Not Using A Water Filter, Your Body Is One!!!

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man

How many licks to finish a lollipop?

Formula models how water currents shape and dissolve solids.

A team of scientists has identified the complex process by which materials are shaped and ultimately dissolved by surrounding water currents. The study, conducted by researchers at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Florida State University, appears in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

"How flowing fluids generate unique shapes through erosion or dissolution is complex and fascinating," says Leif Ristroph, an assistant professor at NYU's Courant Institute and the paper's senior author.

The researchers studied this effect by immersing hard candy in a water current. They found that a peculiar but consistent shape emerges and then persists before eventually vanishing. This same 'sculpture' results regardless of the candy's initial form and the speed of the water flow.

The authors were also surprised to find that their work offers a long-sought answer to a question from childhood: How many licks does it take to reach the center of a lollipop? By formulating a theory for how flows cause dissolving and shrinking, the researchers calculated an estimate of about 1,000 licks.

But the work addresses some serious science, too. Understanding how materials dissolve is at the heart of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries -- their products rely on the incorporation of solid compounds into solutions within reactors and within the human body.

This article can be found at ScienceDaily

Water facts

The only natural substance found as a liquid, solid, and gas at temperatures normally found on Earth.

Most liquids contract when they get colder. Water contracts until it reaches 4 °C . Then it expands until it is solid.

The density of ice (0.915 g/cc) is less than that of liquid water (0.9999 g/cc) at 0 °C. Its density at 4°C is 1.000 g/cc.

This is why ice floats – if it didn’t, oceans, lakes, etc. would freeze from the bottom up and remain frozen – Earth would be a completely different planet - maybe uninhabitable by humans.

Richard's Health Tip

Weight loss, fitness and drinking filtered water.

Whilst drinking more filtered water is beneficial to your overall health; that in itself is not enough.

Other lifestyle changes in conjunction with drinking plenty of filtered water through out the day are imperative to healthy weight loss and fitness, including regular exercise and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Community support

The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal

The Bikers Charity Ride are " doing it for the kids" in the annual Perth Teddy bears' big day out; which raises funds for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal. Richard loves this yearly ride on his Harley laden with teddy bears. www.salivation.org.au

SIDS and Kids

SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community. www.sidsandkids.org

Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a not for profit community services agency. They provide 57 services from 35 locations across the state. The West Coast Water Filter Man is proud to help and sponsor the Anglicare Knit in Day. www.anglicarewa.org.au


The West Coast Water Filter Man helps the people that helps the community. www.lifelinewa.org.au

Richard's networking groups

Customer testimonial

Allan, South Perth

Hi Richard,

I contacted your company last week to replace my domestic water filters after visiting your web pages.

The initial contact with your company by telephone was friendly, informative and professional.

Derek arrived yesterday to carry out the work. Not only was he on time, courteous, professional and a great ambassador for your company, he was also thoroughly knowledgeable of the product and procedure.

It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again

A closing thought

Out of the mouths of babes "LOVE"

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth."

Billy - age 4

Tower Hill Adnil OW babies CCP

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