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You either use a water filter or your body is one

February 2015


A word from Richard

Well here we are well into another New Year. Chinese New Year of Goat in fact. Happy New Year to you all.

The first day of the 2015 Chinese New Year is on February 19, 2015 in China's time zone. This day is a new moon day, and is the first day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system. The exact new moon time is at 07:48 a.m. on 19-Feb-2015 in China's time zone.

The Year 2015 is the 4712th Chinese year. The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King (he was not the first emperor of China). The Yellow King became king in 2697 B.C., therefore China will enter the 4712th year on February 19, 2015. Also, the Chinese Year uses the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems and the Green Wood Sheep is the 32nd Stem-Branch in the cycle. Since (60 *78) + 32 = 4712, therefore 2015 is the Wooden Sheep year, which is the 4712th Chinese Year.

2015 is the year of Sheep. Some people say 2015 is a Green Sheep or Wooden Sheep year. This is because the Stem-Branch Calendar is connected to the Five Element theory. Chinese calendars used the Stem-Branch system to count the days, months and years. There are 10 Stems and 12 Branches in this system. Stems are named by the Yin-Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth).

We are continually growing and have just started training a new service technician to help us out. He’s straight out of year 12 and already 18 years of age. For such a young fella he is very astute with excellent people skills and a pleasant manner. This is all we need to train up and we’re sure he will grow in our business to be an asset like the rest of the team.

Well I hope you’re happy to receive our first Newsletter for 2015 and we wish you all good fortune and much happiness and success in your world.

Take care. Stay safe and keep smiling. Remember: You either use a water filter or your body is one!

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man

Digital water meter trial in Diggers Rest using technology to track leaks.

Western Water in Melbourne is plugging leaks in the west through the use of state-of-the-art digital water meters.

With the potential to save thousands of litres of water, 55 of the leak-detecting meters have been fitted at properties in Diggers Rest for a two-year trial. A “bulk meter” that tracks the total amount of water going into the area has also been installed.

Western Water customer and community relations general manager Peter Donlon said up to 10 per cent of water used was lost each year to slow leaks from its 1824km of pipes. “These leaks are difficult to find, but this technology could help us prioritise our maintenance, potentially saving a significant amount of water,” he said.

Mr Donlon said the meters were remotely monitored, sending information once a day that allowed Western Water to track water use through the network and identify any losses. “In the two months since the trial began, the meters have already helped identify leaks on several resident's properties. That has enabled us to alert customers they have a leak that needs fixing, potentially saving them on their water usage charges.”

The water meter trial is part of the industry-wide Intelligent Water Networks program, which aims to use technology and innovation to find solutions to common challenges. Mr Donlon said the trial was expected to last at least two years, to be able to assess the reliability and cost benefits of the technology.

“What happens at the end of the trial will depend on several factors, including the results of our trial and other research being done within the industry,” he said. The Intellegent Water Network program involves 19 water corporations working with the Office of Living Victoria, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and water industry body Vicwater. This has the potential for benefits across Australia.

This article was published on-line by Leader Community Newspapers. Melbourne.

Water facts

Where Perth get its water from

In 2013 the break down was:- Surface water (Dams) 33% - Ground Water 40% - Desalination 27%

In 2015 the break down is:- Surface water (Dams) 18% - Ground Water 43% - Desalination 39%

Richard's Health Tip

Dehydration Dangers - Toxic overload

Water helps our bodies to get rid of waste through sweat and urination, so a lack of adequate hydration can lead to increased Toxicity.

This can cause us to feel generally unwell, as well as increase the risk of kidney stones and urinary track infections. Water is also essential to digest our food and helps prevent constipation.

Remember, feeling thirsty means you're already dehydrated so don't wait until then before you take a sip.

Community support

The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal

The Bikers Charity Ride are " doing it for the kids" in the annual Perth Teddy bears' big day out; which raises funds for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal. Richard loves this yearly ride on his Harley laden with teddy bears. www.salivation.org.au

SIDS and Kids

SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community. www.sidsandkids.org

Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a not for profit community services agency. They provide 57 services from 35 locations across the state. The West Coast Water Filter Man is proud to help and sponsor the Anglicare Knit in Day. www.anglicarewa.org.au


The West Coast Water Filter Man helps the people that helps the community. www.lifelinewa.org.au

Richard's networking groups

Customer testimonial

Lesley Andersen

I cannot recommend more highly Richard's Filter system.

I moved into my new home and within 3 months I was quite unwell - doctors could not find what was wrong - tests showed nothing - I had been this way for 18mths - until I meet Richard - had the system fitted and within 48hrs I had never felt better in all my life - people even say I am now glowing - I had changed nothing I was doing except my drinking water.

I believe nothing more than the fact that I had had lead poisoning and now my body is free of all those toxins - I can function without feeling so bad. I use the filtered water for all my cooking (veges even taste so much better) and as for my coffee (i now drink so much more because it tastes like coffee) It has been truly remarkable.

I cannot recommend the filter system more highly.

Thank you so much Richard.

A closing thought

Lateral Thinking

"Some people want it to happen, some people wish it could happen, others make it happen."

Michael Jordan

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