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You either use a water filter or your body is one

July 2013


A word from Richard

Hello everyone.

AND THE WINNERS ARE: yes that’s right folks our Facebook Sweepstakes Draw was drawn and the following five lucky people have won two Luxury accommodation vouchers in Bali each. They are; James Spencer, Lisa Rowe, Lesley Hardy, Judith Lorraine Ottosen and Leanne Watson. Remember that water quality in Bali is not as safe as ours and you must buy and drink only bottled water. What a major environmental disaster that is!

Winter is on its way out now as the days start getting longer and the sun comes up a bit earlier each day now so start thinking about how you can pack more punch into your day. I am enjoying my early morning habit of regular exercise and the rewards of such. Get Busy. Get Living. Life Be In It. You’ll appreciate it more in retirement too.

It’s a New Financial Year ladies and gentlemen and we’re off to a flying start and it won’t be long now until we’re all at the poll’s again to vote in a new government. We’ve finished our laborious task of stock take and ready for another exciting year. We’ll be doing our best to keep up the marketing antics so stay tuned to see what we get up to next. Keep in touch with new things by Liking our Facebook page. We’re enjoying posting fun and entertaining posts.

I hope you enjoy another look at our Newsletter and we’ll look forward to speaking to you all again soon. Keep Hydrated and don’t forget, If You’re Not Using A Water Filter, Your Body Is One!!!

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man

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The problem of pure water

Every element our body needs can do us harm in excess as much when deficient.

From a non-scientific perspective‚ the simple fact that no where on this planet do we find naturally occurring de-mineralized water‚ this should tell us that we were not meant to have it. In nature all fresh water contains traces of natural minerals like calcium‚ magnesium and potassium‚ which is what our body was designed to run on.

On a more scientific level‚ there are several very credible research reports and books that stress the more recent opinion that long term consumption of de-mineralized water can in fact be dangerous. Dr. Zolton Rona‚ author of The Joy of Health‚ states that "the longer one consumes distilled water‚ the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state." Dr. Paavo Airola‚ cancer expert and author of "How to Get Well" and "Cancer... Causes‚ Prevention and Healing" also reports that "long term consumption of distilled water eventually results in multiple mineral deficiencies."

Two very negative things happen when we consume water that has been stripped of its natural minerals. First‚ because de-mineralized water contains more hydrogen it is an acid with a pH below seven. Any time we consume an acid substance our body will pull minerals from our teeth and bones to produce bicarbonate in order to neutralize the acid. Second‚ it has been proven that when our body fluids become more acid than alkaline the production of free radicals increases‚ causing increased cancer risks. Many studies suggest that cancer cells can only grow in an acid environment. This theory seems to be supported by the fact that around the world the areas where people live the longest most disease free lives are the areas that have the most alkaline water‚ water with the highest mineral content.

Reverse Osmosis and Distillation were first developed over 40 years ago for the printing and photo processing industries‚ which require mineral free water. Because of the popularity and demand for home water treatment products many companies have marketed these products as "state-of-the-art" drinking water systems‚ which they simply are not. Often these products are marketed by using a demonstration that measures the TDS (total dissolved solids) and implies that this measurement shows the systems effectiveness at removing contaminants. TDS meters measure the dissolved minerals in water‚ primarily calcium and magnesium‚ and have little or nothing to do with contaminant levels.

However; using reverse osmosis water in your diet is likened to to using a blank canvas to build your dietary requirements on. Some people for medical needs are required to carefully monitor their mineral and nutritional intake. If the water nutrition and mineral content is at zero, then the daily allowance can easily be calculated and added into the water before consuming. This can be achieved by vitamin/mineral supplements or if you are using reverse osmosis water for health reasons rather than medical needs then you would probably be better off having a re-mineralisation cartridge fitted to your existing reverse osmosis system. You always should consult a dietitian to ascertain your personal requirement, as we all know every person is deferent.

Water facts

So little H2O

Less than 1% of all water on Earth is available or clean enough for humans to drink. The rest is salty or frozen. The amount of available water has not changed for tens of thousands of years.

Approximately 1 billion people in over forty countries are currently under a water crisis. The increasing world population and the demand for better livelihoods globally, will continue to contribute to a worsening water crisis.

Richard's Health Tip

Many would say;

The best way to start the day is with a nice glass of warm lemon water.

Community support

The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal

The Bikers Charity Ride are " doing it for the kids" in the annual Perth Teddy bears' big day out; which raises funds for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal. Richard loves this yearly ride on his Harley laden with teddy bears. www.salivation.org.au

SIDS and Kids

SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community. www.sidsandkids.org

Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a not for profit community services agency. They provide 57 services from 35 locations across the state. The West Coast Water Filter Man is proud to help and sponsor the Anglicare Knit in Day. www.anglicarewa.org.au


The West Coast Water Filter Man helps the people that helps the community. www.lifelinewa.org.au

Richard's networking groups

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Customer testimonial

Quality Service

The water filter was serviced the other day as requested. Thank you.

I want to acknowledge the level of service provided by the young man from West Coast water Filter Man who carried out the work.

He was very efficient, knowledgeable, polite and performed his duties expeditiously and with concern for the customer.

I suggest you and your company should note their business details so that in the event of similar services being required in the future, you might consider engaging them.

It was the best response that I have ever received from a call-out tradesman.

Dr Rod Rate

A closing thought

Lateral Thinking

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."


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