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You either use a water filter, or your body is one The Waterfilterman on You Tube

You either use a water filter, or your body is one

Febuary 2012


A word from Richard

Hello everyone,

Well here we are folks, the New Year, the Year of the Dragon, is in full swing now and the kids are back at school too.

I wish you all a very successful and productive year. I can feel it is going to be a huge year. Dream big!!!

We have seen a huge growth faze over the last year and we have had to split the business into residential and commercial sectors which has created new roles in the business.

This will help us to better service our much appreciated clients with the usual friendly and prompt professional service they deserve and expect of us.

Our new staff member Susanne is going just fine with her residential service & sales executive role and already is well welcomed by the many clients that have met and experienced her caring warm nature.

Here’s cheers, stay hydrated and have a great year.

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man

The importance of measuring turbidity

Turbidity is the amount of cloudiness in the water.

This can vary from a river full of mud and silt where it would be impossible to see through the water (high turbidity), to a spring water which appears to be completely clear (low turbidity). Turbidity can be caused by : • silt, sand and mud ; • bacteria and other germs ; • chemical precipitates.

It is very important to measure the turbidity of domestic water supplies, as these supplies often undergo some type of water treatment which can be affected by turbidity. For example, during the rainy season when mud and silt are washed into rivers and streams, high turbidity can quickly block filters and stop them from working effectively. High turbidity will also fill tanks and pipes with mud and silt, and can damage valves and taps. Where chlorination of water is practised, even quite low turbidity will prevent the chlorine killing the germs in the water efficiently.

Some treatment systems, such as sedimentors, coagulators and gravel prefilters are designed to remove turbidity. It is important for operators of both large and small treatment systems to know how well these systems are working. Measuring the turbidity of the water before and after each part of the system can tell the operator where maintenance or cleaning is needed.

For drinking water supplies, the following guidelines should be taken into consideration :

• Drinking water should have a turbidity of 5 NTU or less. Turbidity of more than 5 NTU would be noticed by users and may cause rejection of the supply.

• Where water is chlorinated, turbidity should be less than 5 NTU and preferably less than 1 NTU for chlorination to be effective.

The units of turbidity from a calibrated nephelometer are called Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU).

Water facts

1804 Scotland

The first large municipal water treatment plant designed by Robert Thom was installed in order to provide treated water to every resident. This revolutionary installation prompted the idea that all people should have access to clean drinking water.

Richard's Health Tip

Be kind to yourself.

So you ate a few bad meals in the week, or didn’t get as much done as you wanted. It’s all about balance and improving. Nobody’s perfect! Just keep trying.

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Customer testimonial

FX Digital Pty Ltd

We were really pleased with the professional service we received when The West Coast Water Filter Man installed our new undersink water filter. I would highly recommend Richard's products and services to anyone who is considering purchasing a water filtration system. The water is crystal clear, has a pleasant odour and tastes great. What more could you want..

Julie Smyth

A closing thought

Lateral Thinking

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."

Winston Churchill

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