test 1West Coast Water Filter ManYou either use a Water Filter or your Body is One!
test 1West Coast Water Filter ManYou either use a Water Filter or your Body is One!

Staying healthy and alert during exams.

Just a 3% drop in hydration will affect concentration.

Keep yourself cool and hydrated. Now that we’re moving into the warmer months, the mercury is going to start its climb. Ensure you’re studying in a cool environment and don’t forget to sip on water to stay hydrated. A well-hydrated brain is continually energized to imprint new information in its memory banks.

Don’t forget to sleep! Last minute cramming may be your style of studying, but please don’t do it at the cost of a good night’s sleep. The last thing you want to be is groggy and unfocussed during the actual exam. Make sure you sleep the night before the exam to be able to give it your best.

Eat small and frequent meals. Heavy meals tend to slow you down – a scenario you certainly don’t want to be in during your exams. Eat lighter meals and at smaller intervals to stay fresh and focussed. This will also help reduce acidity, which tends to shoot up with anxiety. Avoid carbonated drinks and do not overdo the caffeine.

Get physical. Another way to reduce exam related stress to is to exercise or play a sport at some point in your day. It’ll be a welcome distraction and help you feel refreshed enough to hit those books again.

Don’t lose perspective. There’s no doubt that the activity of exam taking is a serious one. And while some amount of stress is normal, don’t let it overtake your life or affect your health. Stay focused, follow these tips and do the best you can. Good luck!


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