CA2 Carbon Whole House Filter

The Waterways CA2 Carbon Filter is used for water clarification (Colour removal). Bacterial capture/retention, chlorine and odour/taste removal. The CA2 has an automatic backflush function to reduce the risk of bio-fouling occurring.


Type Manual Carbon Filter
Description Self standing pressure vessel (blue) with top mounted valve
Media Tank 13” (33cm) x 54” (137cm)
wound fibreglass pressure vessel
Media 28kg of calcite
Control Valve Fleck 5000 electronic valve, fast and rapid rinse, full adjustable function,
1-99 day backwash
Flow Rate – Continuous 35 litres per minute
Flow Rate – Peak 40 litres per minute
Maximum Pressure 600 kpa (85psi)
Minimum Pressure 175 kpa (25psi)
Inlet / Outlet Pipe 3/4” (20mm)
Drain Pipe 1/2” (12mm)
Voltage 240 volts with 24 volts step down transformer
Note: Product specifications are a guide only and can change without notice.


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