Filtered Water Coolers Model WW D5 Hot and Cold or Room Temp and Cold

Model WW D5 Hot and Cold or Room Temp/cool and Cold.
The WW D5 series point of use (P.O.U.) Water centres provide a never ending supply of refreshing Hot & Cold or Cool & Cold water.


Cooling Reservoir: The reservoir features large radius corners to facilitate cleaning. The integrated zoned waterway and baffle system prevents ice rings from restricting chilled water flow. Cold water capacity below the baffle is 4.2 litres. Water above the baffle stays at or about room temperature.

Hot Tank: Type 304 stainless steel. 500 Watt sheathed heater installed in the tank ensures accurate temperature control. On/Off switch is easily accessible at side of cabinet. Tank capacity is 2 litres.

Air Filter: Located on the float assembly for easy access. The air filter contains a replaceable filter disc with a one micron membrane media.

Dimensions: 310mm W x 310mm D x 1040mm H

Warranty: The range of Waterworks D5 Series water coolers are covered by a 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty. The warranty provides comprehensive parts and labour coverage, for the period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.


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