Hi Richard,

Thanks For your very prompt response to my request for investigating the possible service/replacement of the water filtration system in our offices.

It was great to finally find a tradesman who not only gave a time and a commitment to complete a project but actually followed it through and got the job done with a minimum of fuss.

It was fantastic.

Leonie Bell

Aged & Community Services

Hi Richard & all Water Filter Man people

Just had a lovely visit from Derek who provided the usual excellent service that we all know is normal for WFM – beautiful way to start a superb spring day, with a happy worker doing good stuff with good products.

Obviously part of a great team at a great organisation.

Thx, Derek, thx Richard !



Hey there Richard and the team at West Coast Waterfilter Man.

I wanted to let you know (again) what a pleasure it was having Troy in our home last week to fit our new under sink filter.

Living in Thornlie we were getting sick of having nearly pleasant water one day to having smelly mud coming through the next week. Now we’ve got the best tasting clear water on tap (literally).

It’s always a great experience dealing with your Company, all of your team are always really polite, chatty and friendly.

Being someone who works inside other people’s homes as well, I was REALLY impressed with how clean Troy worked he really showed that he cared about his work.

Thanks again guys, you’re awesome!!!

Lee Attewell


Just to let you know that my wife spoke really highly of the man who came and swapped the filters today, Derek – great stuff. As a result, book us in for our annual filter replacement.


Kind Regards,

Mark Humphreys

The water filter was serviced yesterday as requested. Thank you. I want to acknowledge the level of service provided by the young man from West Coast water Filter Man who carried out the work.

He was very efficient, knowledgeable, and polite and performed his duties expeditiously and with concern for the customer. I suggest you and your company should note their business details so that in the event of similar services being required in the future, you might consider engaging them.

It was the best response that I have ever received from a call-out tradesman.

Dr Rod Rate

Coaching Business Success & Life Coaching Success

Coaching Business Success & Life Coaching Success

I would like to thank Richard Scholes of West Coast Water Filter Man for the installation of a “twin under sink water purifier” at my home/office. It’s even better than sliced bread!

Firstly it was installed within a week of confirming my order. The Plumber Troy was professional, efficient in his work and extremely tidy in the installation.

Since it’s been installed, my Family and my Clients have been enjoying more so the water we drink, as well as the coffee and tea’s we make.

Absolutely brilliant! The water tastes fresher, lighter and cleaner. I recommend the filtration system to everyone out there!

Mary Argese.

We have a business in Malaga and our water was poor quality and hard to drink before we had The West Coast Water Filter Man install a cooled filter system direct from tap.

No need to Order water it comes direct from filter once installed, they also service it, so we can drink to our hearts content. The customers love it.

Cartridge World Malaga would have it no other way.

Cartridge World Malaga

We didn’t realise how poor our water quality was but should have noticed the effects on our kettle, coffee machine and other appliances. It is a scary to think we were also putting the same water into our bodies.

Richard provides a super product and service that gave us a simple solution. We would recommend the West Coast Water Filter Man in the highest regard to solve your water issues.

Don’t let your body be a filter any longer!

Scott Carlisle,

Cambridge Insurance Brokers

I cannot recommend more highly Richard’s Filter system. I moved into my new home and within 3 months I was quite unwell.

Doctors could not find what was wrong – tests showed nothing – i had been this way for 18mths – until i meet Richard – had the system fitted and within 48hrs i had never felt better in all my life – people even say i am now glowing –

I had changed nothing i was doing except my drinking water – I believe nothing more than the fact that i had had lead poisioning and now my body is free of all those toxins – i can function without feeling so bad.

I use the filtered water for all my cooking (veges even taste so much better) and as for my coffee (i now drink so much more because it tastes like coffee) It has been truely remarkable. I cannot recommend the filter system more highly. Thank you so much Richard.

Lesley Andersen

The water here was so bad I would drink anything except the water. Now that we have a filter from the West Coast Water Filter Man I have no problems drinking the water.

It tastes, well the point is it doesn’t taste anymore.

Lee Sanders

Computer Consultant Professionals

I have a water filter system installed at home and at my business, Forrestfield Photographics. It was installed in our busy shop during work hours and it caused no disruptions to us at all.

We use the water for drinking, but just as importantly we use the filtered water through all our machinery. No more problems with chemical residue and less cleaning too.

The cleaner our machinery and chemicals are the better the photographic prints are too. I can’t wait to attach the shower filter that I just purchased for home – so affordable – honestly everyone should have one.

Richard, Bruce and Derek are saving my body and my business!!! Thanks guys.

Teri Welch

Forrestfield Photographics

Hi Richard,

Thanks for installing that great water filter on the Aussie Cash Joondalup kitchen tap. Our staff are now drinking Mundaring Weir dry!

They now love drinking our tap water more than beer!

Oliver Douglas

Aussie Cash

Hi Richard,

Until now I have not mentioned the result of the installation, in terms of the quality of the water.

The prior changes in coffee brands, various types of sugars were all to no avail. We never detected anything in our cordials, at the time.

We have not had a bad cup of tea or coffee since. We are even going back through the jars of coffee in the pantry, they are not all to our taste, which we had not finished because of the influence the unfiltered water had on the flavour.

A neighbour called in for a coffee, she was aware of our ongoing drama, and asked to taste the filtered water. She said it was tasteless and odourless.

She also said, which I thought an unusual description and one I would not personally use, that to her it felt softer in the mouth.

I mentioned cordial because it obviously masked the flavour. We had a half bottle in the fridge which was made a day or so before the filter was up and running. How quickly we are spoilt…

I raised the glass and before I could taste it, the odour over the top made me pour it down the sink. This odour was the same as the one found in the mineral deposits that accumulate around relief pressure valves, on hot water services where small stallagmites of minerals and possibly salts collected.

How true your catchphrase, use a filter or become one.

Thanks again, kind regards Mark.


Peter is Very kind and caring and understanding. And Derek who came to install a filter for my shower was very kind and caring too. Thankyou

Darlene Derrick

You and your team deserve the best for such wonderful work you are doing. A big thanks to Alex and Jeremy for installing a new filter for me in best possible way, happily correcting some previous problems. That’s service.

Henry William

Please also pass on our sincere thanks and commendation to our technician, Derek. He has been servicing our system for years, and is so lovely and thorough. Such a pleasure to welcome into our home. He was also incredibly kind to my two kids who were inspecting his work/annoying him!

Melissa Hetherington

Hi Richard,

I would like to thank you and especially Derek for a job well done, My parents are so happy with their new water filter.

I will be recommending you to friends and family.

Aldo Martino

I would like to convey to you my sincere appreciation for all the assistance you have given me from when I first contacted you making an enquiry of installing filtered water in our office.

I found you to have a wealth of product knowledge and it gave me confidence dealing with you as you are so passionate about the health benefits of drinking filtered water, but at no stage did I ever feel pressured with hard selling.

The installation of the hot and cold bench top unit went without incident and I attribute this to the fact that you supplied me with concise plumbing details required to be fitted by our plumber. The unit you recommended has also exceeded our expectations.

The efficiency you display in your business never ceases to amaze me. It was of great surprise that you followed up with after sales service, something that is seriously lacking in business today. I will take great pleasure in recommending your company at every opportunity in the future.

I wish you ongoing success.

Jennifer Grahame

Westzone Enterprises

Hi Richard,

I want to thank you for the great service I received when I ordered an under the sink water filter. The ordering over the phone was smooth and very efficient, and within a few days I had a new incredibly needed water filter and wonderfully stylish fountain spout.

The plumber who installed the water filter did a magnificent job. The filter was well fitted in an out of the way position and the area was left clean and tidy after fitting.

A very professional job!
Now drinking the sparkling clean filtered water feels a lot HEALTHIER than before and is so much EASIER to do than using a water filter jug.

I’ll definitely be recommending “The Water Filter Man” to anyone who is in the market for a professional water filter installation.

Shawn Martino


“This morning I was finally jack of refilling water jug filters and rang WCWFM and Richard turned up within a couple of hours and installed a system for us. Professional (and cheerful – nice change from the previous call we’d just made) from the get-go and to the moment he left.

Can’t wait to brag and promote to friends or strangers (and that’s not my usual style). Richard, you’re a superstar – thanks a bunch. [Another Happy Customer – Palmyra]”


Culino Dual mixer

Hi Richard

The Culino Dual mixer and undersink water purifier are a massive hit. Would recommend them to anyone.
Your plumber did a great job and all round you have a happy customer here.




Richard, for a great job from Troy installing my purifier in my new kitchen & the shower filter, too. I’m hugely enjoying the stunning drinking water from the tap & everyone who tries it agrees it’s the best !

The gas free shower is wonderfully healthy – why isn’t it standard for all homes ??? One day…… Cheers

Anni Macbeth

Quality Service

We were really pleased with the professional service we received when The West Coast Water Filter Man installed our new undersink water filter. I would highly recommend Richard’s products and services to anyone who is considering purchasing a water filtration system.

The water is crystal clear, has a pleasant odour and tastes great. What more could you want.

Julie Smyth

FX Digital Pty Ltd

Richard’s water filters make even the most average tasting water seem as if it has come from a pristine mountain spring. After tasting it I had to get it installed at work and at home – even my relatives were so impressed that they are now enjoying the benefits in their homes too! Richard’s swift, professional and enthusiastic manner makes him a pleasure to deal with.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have healthier tastier water.

Jacqueline Brown

Lynn & Brown Lawyers

We at Mind Synergy have been using Richard’s services for a few years now, we have two of Richard’s water filters installed and can testify that whenever we are not at home the water is not worth drinking.

The Water Filterman has put proper good taste into our drinking water and for that Sheryl and I are eternally grateful.

Brian Leaning Mizen

Mind Synergy

I’ve never been a huge fan of drinking water on its own, but after trying some filtered water from Richard the Waterfilterman, I love it! As a result, my family and I now have a counter-top water filter that provides us with year round clean water from our tap.

Knowing that none of us are using our bodies to filter the harmful chemicals gives my wife and I great peace of mind! Thanks Richard!!

Paul Flanders

HomePageHome Pty Ltd

Thank you for providing me with great tasting water. I can not believe I was drinking that other “rubbish” for so long! And I go through a lot of water! On top of my usual 2L per day that I usually drink I can sometimes go through 3.5L in 3 hrs if I I go for a long bicycle ride in reasonalby warm temperatures.

So it is making a real difference to me.

Once installed, which was really easy, I could instantly taste and smell how much better the water was. I also did a blind taste test with my partner and she immediately, without hesitation, picked the West Coast Waterfilterman filtered water

Travis Tremain

Crime Guard, General Manager WA/NT

The West Coast Water Filter Man water is the only water we drink.

My staff were making coffee and we couldn’t work out why it tasted so bad. So I asked my staff if they were using the filtered water to fill the kettle, and the answer was no. Since they have been using the filtered water the coffee has never tasted so good.

If you are not using the West Coast Water Filter Man I would give them a call today and make the change.

Mark Ellis

QuickColourPrint, Balcatta

Too many companies are happy to sell you a product with poor after sales service. Your company is an exception. I am extremely happy with your product and your service.

You and your staff are friendly and professional.

It is a pleasure to deal with The Waterfilter man!

Franci Liebenberg

West Coast Water Filter Man are undoubtedly the best Water Filter company in WA.
Always on time, service second to none & their pricing is the best. Richard Scholes integrity & unfailing attention to detail had been passed on to his team.

I can’t say enough, West Coast Water Filter Man is the best.

Rob Bluntish


We’re loving our new filtered water. Thank you. Thanks again for another job done well.

Mia Pernechele

Dealing with the West Coast Water Filter Man has been a seamless experience. From the speedy information provided by Richard at the outset of my enquiry, to the efficient installation of our new deluxe water filter. The plumber who attended was prompt, tidy and helpful. We are very happy with our new water filter system. Thankyou Richard and team

Alicia Chambers

Gratitude on masses to Richard and the team.

We are loving our water and alkaline filter. Kids can’t believe the difference in taste and how clear it looks in the glass compared to tap water!

Fantastic and friendly customer service from initial phone call to being installed in our home.

Thank you so much

Kim Rigby

Troy fitted the water unit on Friday I just wanted to say that he was one of the best tradie’s I have come across for a long time and in my game I deal with most trades on a daily basis. He was very polite and cleaned up after himself when he had finished. Thank you

Allan Grant

Great service, excellent products and awesome prices.

Have been using West Coast Waterfilter mans services for years, cannot fault the service and quality of products.

I would highly recommend Richard and the team for all your filter needs.

Home or work they have you covered and all at great prices.

Michael Humphreys

Yes theses water filters are amazing. Been talking about getting one for years and finally got fed up of the filter jug and the refill cartridges. Love the water filter on tap. Thank you to Richard and Troy and the rest of this amazing team. Don’t wait any longer – just do it!

Teresa Jacobson