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A word from Richard | West Coast WaterFilter Man
test 1West Coast Water Filter ManYou either use a Water Filter or your Body is One!
test 1West Coast Water Filter ManYou either use a Water Filter or your Body is One!

A word from Richard

Hello everyone. Summer’s almost upon us !!

What a busy life I have had the last month. My poor wife Erin had a nasty accident falling onto her lower back and popping a disc. She screamed from the depths of hell and was carted off to RPH in an ambo all braced up from head to toe. No broken back, so that was a relief but a very slow and steady recovery none the less. So I have been picking up the slack and have been Super Dad caring for both Erin, our two kids, pets and animals on our 3acres, plus running our business. Mum’s sure do a lot of running around. I’ve had to drop all networking for family care, as one would! I didn’t even have time to get withdrawal symptoms. I’m soooo lucky with my amazing enthusiastic staff as everything has run very smoothly and the sales just kept coming.

It’s not so hard for us here at West Coast Water Filter Man to tell that it’s getting hotter. The enquiries and our sales rise along with the temperature. Bring it on !

The 19th of November is World Toilet Day. Figures released by UNICEF and the World Health Organization indicate that 2.6 billion people are without access to adequate, clean sanitation – that’s a staggering 40 per cent of the world’s population. Click on the link, visit the web site and see what you can do.

See you next month.

Richard Scholes


West Coast Water Filter Man


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